Action Fabrication Upfits at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet

Action Fabrication and Truck Equipment Inc., has operated under the same ownership for more than 35 years. Founded in 1982 by Michel A. Wool as a mobile equipment repair company, Action Fabrication has evolved into a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for installations and body assembly. A leading truck equipment company offering a full line of truck bodies, truck equipment, and parts, you can find Action Fabrication upfits at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet.

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Platform Bodies

Action Fabrication Platform Body

Your equipment needs to perform, and that's why the Action Flatbed Body was built. Using Action’s advanced manufacturing techniques and proven technology, every Heavy Duty Platform Body seeks to keep costs low and quality high. Action Flatbeds are available in steel or aluminum, custom-built to spec, and come in lengths of 8′ to 26′.

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Service Bodies

Action Fabrication Service Body

The Master Mechanic™ Series body includes many standard features and benefits that outclass most standard production bodies. When compared to competitors, Action Fabrication offers the best overall value. Our bodies are designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest environments. We seek to provide users with the high-quality, user-friendly, versatile, functional, and safe bodies for their work trucks.

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Crane Body Truck

Action Fabrication Crane Body

Heavy-duty Master Mechanic™ Series Crane Bodies have been created to withstand harsh environments, tough applications, and more. Our bodies are built with the highest quality, most user-friendly versatile, functional, and safe construction available.

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Dump Bodies

Action Fabrication Dump Bodies

Action Dump bodies are manufactured to withstand tough jobs. Action Fabrication manufactures each body with galvannealed steel to guarantee quality and performance. Additionally, each body is custom built to our customers’ specs, resulting in a Custom Truck Body perfectly suited to your needs.

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Water Trucks

Action Fabrication Water Trucks

Constructed in Florida, Florida Action sprayer bodies are are custom built to meet and exceed customer expectations. Using durable materials and high-quality products, our bodies can match any job with ease. Turn your vehicle into your most valuable landscaping tool.

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Dry Freight Bodies

Action Fabrication Dry Freight

The Action Fabrication Dry Freight features lengths of 8′ to 28′ with aluminum extruded roof bows, galvannealed steel, and ship lapped pine, hardwood, and plywood sub frame. Not only does our Dry Freight body perform well, it looks good while tackling your tough jobs.

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Rollback Body

Action Fabrication Rollback Body

Danco is a leading manufacturer of Towing and Hauling Equipment. The Danco team has designed a product with you, the operator, top of mind. Our customers’ ideas help us design products that maneuver with ease and efficiency.

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Landscape Bodies

Action Fabrication Landscape Body

Action Fabrication can build a custom Landscape Body to your needs. Action’s Galvannealed Landscape Bodies are fully equipped to tackle even the roughest and toughest landscaping. Backed by a 3-year warranty, and leading manufacturing techniques and technology, Action’s Landscape Bodies are just what you need for your landscaping business.

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